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Oil Condition Sensors

Oil debris and oil quality monitoring.

About Oil Condition Sensors

The ability to monitor the condition of engine and transmission oil can provide engineers with valuable data that will not only save time and reduce unnecessary strip-downs and oil changes, but can also help to prevent catastrophic engine or transmission failure.

The oil debris sensor will detect the quantity and type of metallic debris build-up in the oil. Fine metallic build-up is expected in most engine and transmission applications, however larger debris build up may indicate a mechanical failure. This sensor will indicate the presence of both types of debris on separate channels, helping to diagnose a potential problem before catastrophic failure occurs.

Oil Condition Sensors

Features & Benefits

  • Analyse oil quality and debris build-up
  • Prevent unnecessary oil changes and strip-downs
  • Dynamic 'health check' of engine or transmission
  • Custom designed to your requirements
Oil Debris Sensor
Oil Debris Sensor  
  • High Sensitivity
  • High Temperature Operation
  • Replaces Standard Sump Plug
  • Identifies quantity & type of debris build-up in oil
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